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Lyphan pH-Indicator Paper pH Indicator Paper or pH test paper is used to measure pH quickly, easily and without calibration.

Whenever itís necessary to measure pH, the company Dr. Gerhard Kloz GmbH offers several types of pH indicator strips and pH papers as standard products.

Special orders of customized pH indicator paper and pH test paper are available on request.

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Lyphan pH indicator paper.

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Product of month:

Lyphan R111

R111 - LYPHAN Roll ph 1 -11

- Precise display by 3 adjacent indicator zones
- Quick overview measurements at a distance of 1.0 pH
- Highly durable in dry and dark place
- Roll with 6 m

All pH-Indicator paper product groups at a glance

Product Group    Purpose
LYPHAN strips to measure colored solutions
LYPHAN specialty papers
For specific test solutions
LYPHAN rolls with 2 or more indicator zones Several indicators for highest accuracy
LYPHAN roll refills    Cost effective aftermarket solution
LYPHAN books without color scale
Simple acid and base measurement
LYPHAN booklets with color scale
For fast measurements even at home
Special orders  Custom solutions, tailored to the customer

Quality characteristics of pH-Indicator Paper/Test paper:

  • a wide range of pH indicator paper to measure the entire pH range, in 0.2 pH and 0.3 pH increments
  • fast and accurate measurement of colored, cloudy, as well as clear aqueous solutions
  • our pH paper has the highest accuracy due to several adjacent indicator zones on the Lyphan rolls
  • results are easy to see under all lighting conditions
  • Our pH indicator paper is very durable and long-lasting when properly stored in a dry and dark place